Monday 13 May 2013

Natuurpunt and Sustainability Consult partner up via 1% for the Planet

Brussels-based communication agency Sustainability Consult is a member of the international alliance '1% for the Planet'. Through this initiative, more than 1400 companies worldwide donate 1% of their profit to projects for environmental protection and preservation.

They established a partnership with the Belgian NGO Natuurpunt, as it works with nature preservation in Brussels and the region of Flanders. The joint project is a new signposted footpath in the Steentjesbos, a 47 hectare forest in Kampenhout. This unique piece of natural beauty outside Brussels is a vital link in a larger network of sites, mostly large forest complexes, significant for the preservation of local biodiversity.
The site is property of the social services of Mechelen, but Natuurpunt exploits the facilities. The NGO will manage the construction works of the sponsored new infrastructure. Next to the new footpath, Sustainability Consult invests in a playground for kids, signposts and rest areas along the trail.

"Steentjesbos will become more appealing to families and people who come from the city and like to spend time in nature." says Petra Beeckx from Natuurpunt . "We're delighted to collaborate with an international company from Brussels that wants to consciously invest in the region's natural treasures.”

The Steentjesbos is part of a series of regional forests like the Hellebos-Rotbos, the Weisetterbos, the Schiplakenbos and the Vriezenbroek. It's name origins from the old footpaths being paved with debris from ancient Gallo-Roman premises.

For more insights on how this smart collaboration is being managed, please contact Petra Beeckx from Natuurpunt or Kathryn Sheridan from Sustainability Consult.

Monday 18 March 2013

KAURI members focus on the 'P' of People

On March 22 we gathered KAURI-members with a heart for HR to identify the big challenges for a sustainable HR management. With different backgrounds and mindsets, from SME's to big companies and non-profit organisations, our members shared insights and experiences around 3 specific topics: the way personal relations between people at work influence their sense of responsibility, the societal role an employer has to play and the often underexposed balance between people and profit in a company. The understandings that came out of these sessions now form the building blocks on which any of our members can establish a truly sustainable HR management. Discover a summary report of the workshops and some personal impressions of participants in this video.

Tuesday 29 January 2013

BBL & Bostoen's smart collaboration on sustainable housing

Last year Bond Beter Leefmilieu, the umbrella organisation for over 140 environmental ngo's in Flanders, joined forces with construction company Bostoen. Their goal: to develop sustainable and low-energy housing concepts. Danny Jacobs and Christophe Debrabander shared this exceptional collaboration with our members on the KAURI New Year's Reception. Check out this video for the highlights of their partner presentation.

Tuesday 11 December 2012

Welcome on KAURI's blog on the 7 principles for smart collaboration

This blog marks KAURI's search to find the key principles for smart collaboration - inspiring cases, insights, tips and tricks. It is based on the input of its broad and diversified membership of private sector companies, NGO's, academics and public authorities. You are welcome to share your own insights, experiences and examples on this blog.

If you would like to discover the principles in detail, please read more.   

How a multi-actor consortium pushes the recyclability of flatscreen televisions (case on Principle 2)

A consortium of producers, recyclers and researchers of flat screen TV's engaged in a collaboration to set new standards in the development of a Cradle to Cradle TV. Taking recycling aspects into account when developing the next generation of flat screen TV's is not only eco-effective; it also strengthens the market position of the participating partners.


Wednesday 7 November 2012

Delhaize and WWF work together to make sure people can still enjoy fish tomorrow (case on principle 1)

“WWF is always happy when a big retailer like Delhaize commits to 100% sustainable seafood as this is a strong signal towards Europe and the fishing industry: the market is ready to make change. We have the same final goal (100% sustainable products at retail) but for WWF those sustainable products should be certified by credible and independent labels like MSC.  The customer can also join to stop overfishing by choosing sustainable seafood recognizable thanks to the MSC label”

Sonia Bonus, WWF Corporate Partnerships Manager

Tuesday 6 November 2012

Vredeseilanden and Colruyt team up with farmers of Benin to increase the quality of rice (case on principle 2)

“For me the most important thing I would identify in a collaborative process is that it contributes to an on-going joint reflection on how to improve sustainable sourcing."

By Mieke Lateir, Vredeseilanden Program Advisor

Monday 5 November 2012

A common will for responsible advertising practices (case on principle 3)

"Self-regulation by industry delivers tangible results. But more importantly it allows to engage in a dialogue both within industry to sign up additional companies to a pledge, as well as with stakeholders to find common ground in addressing childhood obesity. The Belgian Pledge has become a reference in the field of responsible marketing and inspired the public sector to create a marketing forum between private and public sector."

Jeroen Langerock, Coca-Cola Communications Director Belux